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'AIM Higher'
Financial Planner

Our Financial Planners help you create and stick to a budget as we TRACK.EVERY.EXPENSE!

Plan exactly where your money needs to go each month with our convenient Booklet and PDF Planner!

No more keeping up with cumbersome excel sheets, or confusing web apps - our pdf planners are one of the first of its kind.


Auto-Computing, Weekly Tracking, &

User-Friendly in a simple PDF format!


Full 2022 Calendar

Yearly Expense Outline

Month over Month Budget Sheets




Positive Affirmations for each Month


**Fill and auto-computes via Adobe (computer access) or Print for manual tracking

**Please note -- fill/calculating feature may not function in alternate apps


'AIM Higher'
Budget Binder

~Cash Envelopes~

Our custom Budget Binder cash envelopes are a helpful tool in creating a healthy relationship with saving!

Keep your cash organized and put away as you eliminate excess spending.

~Available in Adult and Youth Versions~

Practice patience, goal setting, and help kids realize the true cost of items as they save towards their wants and needs!

Save for upcoming trips, weekly grocery shopping, or store excess cash for a rainy day.

Interchangeable envelope labels ensure a long lasting booklet.

2022 Savings Tracker

Includes six (6) cash envelopes

Many color options!



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