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About Us

AIM Finance Solutions: 

Your on-demand financial expert dedicated to fostering financial literacy, credit savvy, and a regimented system to implement Financial Wellness. What is financial wellness? Financial Wellness is more than just making a budget, or improving your credit score. It's about understanding how your day to day actions will impact your future goals.  AIM works to influence Financial Wellness by partnering with our clients to identify and create solutions to build a prosperous and financially fit lifestyle. 

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My Story

Life's ups and downs happen every day, especially when it comes to money.  My financial story began over 10 years ago juggling a professional career while trying to stay afloat with two young children.  Frustrated with living paycheck to paycheck, and feeling stuck in the same 'barely making it' cycle, I quickly realized I needed to change my behaviors to make my money work for me. Reprioritizing my goals and adhering to a strict budget rewarded me with a robust savings account, and a newfound confidence that would prepare me for any obstacle that came my way.  


Fast forward to many years later, a few short months after purchasing a home, and one month before  my expected little girl's due date, I was laid off with no contingency in sight. Rather than dwell on what couldn't be changed, this smarter, wiser, me who'd held true to my budgeting tactics, was able to rely on a healthy emergency fund to seamlessly continue to care for my growing family.  

Over 50% of people do not have enough money to cover a $1000 Emergency.

That's not a income problem,

that's a HABIT problem!

Many of us don't realize the opportunity we have to form productive habits and create fiscal solutions.  We either have been doing it one way for so long, we feel we don't have the time, or we just haven't been given the information and resources.


My next chapter focused on attaining a Business degree, and numerous certifications to package a budgeting concept that really works!  My passion for financial literacy lead me to create a process that hones in on each individuals objectives, to create skills, tools, and a mindset that will build a forever fiscally fit life! 

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