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Advice In Minutes

 Contact our on-demand finance team for:


Advice in Minutes

Our Premier 'Text Only' Advice Line!

We're here to help you with your financial decisions - no matter your question, we'll help you seek clarity.

Purchased our DIY-Credit Repair Guide and have detailed questions?

Unsure if a  promotional interest rate is really a good deal?  

Do I need a new credit card? 

Should I buy a car now or wait?


No question is too small!


This service affords you ongoing support for all of your financial decisions big and small! We could all use a second voice to help decipher whether we are making the right or WRONG decision.


Who Will Benefit?!?

Our monthly membership provides you an on-demand advisor.

  • Set your teen or young adult up for success!

  • Anyone who could use a partner to assure they are on the right track to financial success!


How it Works:

  1. Sign up now via our Portal

  2. You will receive a 'Welcome' email, along with our mobile support line.

  3. Ask a Question – include some background information

    • Share as little or as much as you’d like

  4. Live personnel on hand to handle your needs

    • Same-day responses (guaranteed within 24 hours) ​​

**If you're in need of more personalized touches, including budgeting and an ongoing action plan, check out our Financial Coach service!** 

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