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AIM’s text advice helped me to make sure I was asking the right questions when I was ready to purchase my first car. Their advice gave me the confidence I needed to make the right decision.” 

~Stallings on 'Advice in Minutes'


AIM helped me to focus more on my finances. It’s more about accountability with me.  April served as my coach and helped me to make plans and stick with them.  To remember, make plans, and make decisions so that I am organized in my financial situation with coaching and reminders. AIM keeps my finances top of mind, and what goals I want to reach in the future through budgeting and paying attention to what’s being spent. Reviewing monthly expenditure reconciliations and understanding how I’m spending my money, I’ve been able to make changes based on their recommendations that has put a lot more money in my pocket.” 

~Dunston on 'Financial Coaching'

I was going to purchase from a buy here pay here lot, but AIM advised me to go through my bank to build my credit. I knew it was the right thing to do, but I needed that push.  I got a good interest rate, and it improved my credit in the long run.” 

~Hill on 'Advice In Minutes'

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